Giant Finishing W-5 Vibratory Deburrer

Giant Finishing W-5 Vibratory Deburrer

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Giant Finishing’s Wedge series is their most economical line of portable vibratory finishing machines.

This Wedge 5 is on heavy industrial wheels for exclusive portability and on demand in-house vibratory tumbling, polishing or deburring. The Wedge series are designed for job shops and other companies looking to eliminate their out-source metal parts finishing or desire the capability to run their own deburring equipment, roll it, plug it in and flip the switch, and you’re ready to go.

Giant Finishing takes pride in their equipment being built in America. Their vibratory finishing machines will provide you with the best surface enhancement for your parts. Giant Finishing carries a fill line of vibratory equipment, tumbling media and chemical compounds to help you finish the parts professionally, efficiently and on a consistent basis. Finishing, deburring or polishing metal surfaces is done best with a Giant machine.

Overview of the W-5 Vibratory Deburring Machine

Standard Features

  • Electronic variable speed drive with digital tachometer
  • Easy access to parts
  • Balanced suspension drive
  • Hinged sound cover
  • Compound pump
  • 110 Volts ON/OFF switch
  • Media discharge door
  • Casters
  • Compact size
  • Low DBA level
  • Settling tank

Optional Features

  • Cartridge auto grease system
  • 55 gallon settling tank
  • 230/460, 3 Phase, 60 cycle motor
  • Control panel
  • Additional sound package
  • Manual automatic grease system
  • Automatic Compound System
  • Tub dividers
  • Curved rear wall
  • Start up package

How to Finish Flat Parts in the W-5

Polishing Automotive Headers in the W-5 Vibratory Machine