Descaling Chemicals and Compounds for Vibratory Finishing

Descaling Chemicals and Compounds for Vibratory Finishing



De-Scaling Chemicals for Vibratory Finishing

Descaling Compounds for Deburring

If you are manufacturing parts that require deburring, it is important to take the next step using the proper vibratory descaling compounds or chemical in your vibratory deburring machines, metal finishing equipment or vibratory tumbler.

Giant Finishing can supply you with the proper vibratory descaling compounds and chemicals used in your finishing process to create an un-surpassable finish.

Now, after the process of vibratory descaling the parts, they are raw metal. However, in the end applying rust inhibitors and using the right composition tested for your particular part, the outcome will be a great finished product ready for distribution to your customer.

All of Giant Finishing liquid chemical compounds are available in 1, 5, and 55 gallon containers.

Finishing Chemicals and Liquid Compounds for Vibratory Deburring Equipment

OX 15 Liquid Descaler

Maximum strength accelerated descaling compound for use with vibratory finishing, The material is left with a raw metal finish.

OX-12 Powdered Accelerator

This is a conventional accelerator design to remove metal quickly and efficiently.

OX-18 Liquid Descaling and Accelerator

This is a liquid version of the powdered accelerator; it will remove metal quickly and leave a smooth, gray surface ready for fast burnishing.

N-12 Liquid Neutralizer

This is used to quickly change the environment in the machine from metal removal to metal burnishing.