Accelerated Surface Finishing Compounds for Vibratory

Accelerated Surface Finishing Compounds for Vibratory



Acelerated Surface Finishing combines the benefits of low RMS (Root Mean Square), non-directional mass finishing with chemical accelerants. The chemical accelerants significantly reduce the process time for hardened surfaces compared to mechanical abrasive methods.

This reduced process time enables you to achieve a very low surface roughness without heavy metal removal and radiusing of the part.

Advantages of Accelerated Surface Finishing:

  • Achieve low RMS finishes without heavy metal removal or radiusing.
  • Achieve negative skew values by removing surface peaks while retaining micro valleys for lubricant retention.
  • Refine surfaces to mirror-like brightness and very low surface roughness.
  • Reduce friction, lower torque requirements and minimize surface wear thereby reducing operating temperatures.
  • Precision components are imparted with a “Run-In” surface condition.
  • Increase fatigue life.