RB900 Reclaim

RB900 Reclaim

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The RB900 Reclaim is a very high quality abrasive media reclaimer. It is built entirely from 12 gauge steel, and it is 100% laser cut and hand welded — this means it has no seams that can leak abrasive media or sandblasting grit onto the floor. When paired with our RB900 Dust Collector you get an extremely efficient abrasive cleaning system which ensures that you will be blasting with non-contaminated media at all times for optimal production.

Download RB900 Reclaim Brochure (PDF)

Instructions for Setting Up the RB900 Blast System and Abrasive Reclaim

  1. Place the top of the reclaim onto the legs.
  2. Hook five-inch hose from dust collector to the top of the reclaim.
  3. Connect four-inch hose to the reclaim inlet.
  4. Hook four-inch hose to the outlet on the back of the cabinet sump.
  5. Place motor on dust collector.
  6. Hook 3/4 inch hose from inlet valve to regulator on the cabinet.
  7. Connect one inch blow back hose from the outlet valve to the top of the reclaim.
  8. Hook blast hose from cabinet to crows foot on metering valve.
  9. Attach 1/8 inch hose from the outlet side of the foot pedal to the “T” on the inlet valve.
  10. Attach 1/8 inch hose from inlet side of the foot pedal to the “T” in between regulator and moisture trap on cabinet.
  11. Connect to an air compressor with minimum of 10 HP.