Pool Master

Pool Master

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A revolutionary outdoor blast system that uses the same technology as our vapor blast cabinets.

Introducing the Pool Master outdoor wet blast system. Replaces blast pot abrasive blasting for applications like pool cleaning, where a bright finish is desired. Uses less compressed air than a traditional blast pot.

  • The pump driven system only requires 17 CFM of air.
  • Because it requires minimal air, it reduces equipment cost while producing excellent blast capabilities.
  • Media and water is pumped to the gun while the air accelerates the media through the nozzle.
  • Will not remove the glaze from the tile and allows for reuse of reclaimed media pool after pool.
  • Removing calcium buildup has never been easier.
    • Pool Master
      Pool Master media blasting gun

      Keep the Shine with the Pool Master.

      Pool Master cleaning pool tile
      Pool Master cleaning pool tile

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Dimensions 30.27 × 36.27 × 76.04 in