1.5 Air Cube Tumble Blaster

1.5 Air Cube Tumble Blaster


Overall Dimensions:
Depth: 44 inches, Width: 47 inches, Height: 95 inches

Reclaim and Dust Collector Dimensions:
24 inches by 48 inches

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The Raptor Blaster 1.5 Air Cube Tumble Blaster is a J-Belt tumble-style blaster for cleaning parts and objects while you do other tasks around your production shop.

Here’s some of it’s features:

  • Three stationary #6 spray nozzles
  • Pneumatic vertical lift door
  • Two-button safety for door operation
  • 200 lb. mill capacity
  • Mill drive with reverse jog for easy unloading
  • 900 CFM Cyclone separator and Dust Collector for 100% abrasive cleaning
  • Dial type adjustable cycle tier
  • 1/4 inch steel barrel heads and cabinet mill liners