Giant Finishing Batch Bowl Series

Giant Finishing Batch Bowl Series

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Giant Finishing’s #1 product is their vibratory finishing equipment.

The deburring machines from Giant Finishing are made right here in the United States. Building vibratory tumblers is what Giant Finishing does, and they’ve been building tumblers for over 25 years. Their deburring bowls are made out of steel, supported by gussets and then strengthened by heat treating and shot blasting.

These surface enhancing, vibratory finishing machines can tumble hundreds of your parts to achieve a brilliant finish and save you time with the process. The Giant Finishing vibratory batch bowls are engineered to develop the right surface finish for your part. They are built like no other, a “tank” on the deburring machinery battlefield that blows away the competition.

GBB-12: Vibratory Batch Bowl w/Auto-Compound System

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty bowl & base weldment
  • Removable cast polyurethane drain plug
  • Polyurethane lining
  • Tuned Coil spring suspension
  • Drop – on weight segments
  • Adjustable amplitude flywheel
  • Media discharge door
  • Electronic variable speed drive with digital tachometer

Optional Features

  • PLC controls
  • Automatic grease system
  • Low PH Package
  • Suspended sound suppressor cover
  • Settling tank
  • Air Door
  • Direct Drive
  • Auto compound system
  • Wrap around settling tank
  • Dividers (fixed or floating)

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