Schmidt M-Series 3.0 cu ft

Schmidt M-Series 3.0 cu ft

Nimble yet heavyweight for all your abrasive blasting needs.

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The Schmidt® M-Series blasters are our most versatile blasters available. Use these blasters with virtually any abrasive media, from sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and other fine abrasives to steel grit. One blaster does it all! Includes regulated pressure controls and full port bypass to blast at low to high pressures, a media vibrator to help ensure smooth, even flow of abrasive and the precise metering capabilities of the Thompson® Valve II. Comes standard with slotted sleeve for abrasives 80 grit and finer, which are used in a majority of applications. Add the optional tungsten sleeve for larger abrasive sizes and to maximize the range of the M-Series blaster.

The M-Series can achieve the surface profile you need because you have the ability to use the abrasive best suited for the job. The key to these multi-tasking systems is in the precision controls. A pressure regulator reduces blast pressure when working with delicate objects. Full port bypass allows work on tougher applications, while differential pressure control provides consistent media flow when blasting with lightweight abrasives.

Other features including a media vibrator and the built-in efficiency of the Schmidt 90-degree cone bottom to assist with smooth flow of nearly any type of abrasive. Combined with the Thompson Valve II metering valve and G2 deadman control, the M-Series are designed to tackle a wide range of applications in a single system.


  • 150 psi (10.3 bar)-rated, 90° cone bottom pressure vessel with integral lid and screen
  • Integrated load skid
  • Inlet filter
  • Blast pressure and tank pressure regulators for precise blast control
  • Media vibrator to improve light media flow
  • Ball valve with quick-detach clamps for easy removal of the Thompson Valve II
  • Easy-to-use media shut-off valve
  • Internal grit suppression valve to reduce media backflow into controls
  • Normally closed TVII abrasive metering valve (tungsten carbide, slotted sleeve)
  • G2 pneumatic deadman control, 55′ twinline control hose, 55′ water line with wet blast attachment for dust suppression
  • Full port by-pass (not available on 1.5cf unit)

Additional Features and Options:

  • Low overall height for easier filling and handling
  • Specially engineered chassis gives easy access to the Thompson Valve II (TVII) metering valve
  • An abrasive shutoff valve allows removal of the TVII without emptying abrasive from the vessel
  • Electric controls available
  • Remote abrasive cutoff option available for conveniently blasting air without abrasive (such as cleanup)


Size/Capacity: 3.0 cu. ft./85 liter
Weight: 307 lbs/139 kg
Dimensions (H x W x L) with lid/screen: 56″ x 24″ x 33″ (1422 x 610 x 838 mm)
Piping Size: 1 1/4″

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