Quincy QR-25 Reciprocating/Piston Air Compressor

Quincy QR-25 Reciprocating/Piston Air Compressor

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Pressure Lubricated Reciprocating/Piston Air Compressors

A reciprocating air compressor is a positive displacement compressor that uses a crankshaft-driven piston and cylinder to compress the air. A single-stage reciprocating piston compressor works by drawing the air into the cylinder where it is compressed in a single piston stroke of approximately 120 PSI and then sent to a storage tank. A two-stage compressor includes an additional step where the air is compressed by a second, smaller piston to a pressure of up to 175 PSI.

Quincy QR-25

The QR-25 is a heavy-duty compressor that is pressure lubricated in all critical areas and delivers up to 25 HP. Available in single- and two-stage versions, the QR-25 is designed to operate at slower speeds and is equipped with intake loaders that minimize work. The rugged cast iron construction ensures a long life expectancy, less downtime and easier maintenance. Other key features include loadless starting, a manually reversible oil pump and rebuildable components. Seen as the industry standard in piston compressor technology, the performance of Quincy’s QR-25 is legendary.


  • Manually reversible oil pump
  • Intake unloaders reduce work
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Rebuildable components
  • Loadless starting
  • 1-25 hp, 500 psig maximum
  • Single & Two Stage
  • 100% duty cycle rated
  • Pressure lubricated
  • Cast iron cylinders/valve seats


The QR-25 is pressure lubricated in all critical areas, runs at slower speeds and features durable cast iron construction for longer life and less downtime. Because the QR-25 operates at slower speeds, it’s capable of producing more CFM per horsepower. The QR-25 can also deliver up to 500 psig, making it suitable for the most challenging air compression tasks.

The Quincy QR-25 also features a revolutionary disc valve design that enables it to operate efficiently at lower temperatures. The intake loaders are designed to reduce horsepower during low-demand applications, which helps to extend valve life. Loadless starting reduces much of the strain on the motor, which also lowers energy consumption — and costs. The positive displacement rotary oil pump provides sufficient lubrication to all vital compressor components, which ensures smooth operation and further reduces oil temperature.

Maintenance of your QR-25 is a breeze, which contributes to the ease of operation and low cost of ownership. While most of the required maintenance involves the valve system, the valves are designed for easy accessibility – you won’t have to worry about dealing with cumbersome processes such as removing the cylinder head or unhooking the discharge line.