G2™ Deadman

G2™ Deadman

For the perfect balance of operator comfort and safety. The industry’s most popular deadman control. Comes in pneumatic or electric.

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G2 Pneumatic Deadman Control:

  • Longer lever provides optimal leverage, making the deadman easy to depress and hold comfortably in the “on” position
  • Handle and new button design allow operator to flex and relax hand position for better comfort while blasting, retaining safety while preventing unwanted shut-off
  • Curved body follows hose contour and provides a better fit to the blast hose
  • Easily adjusted for left or right-handed use
  • Wide port spacing for easy twinline connection
  • Visual markings and different size fittings help ensure a correct connection
  • Body and handle position are “reversed” to prevent dust and contaminants from getting under the handle when moving the blast hose assembly

G2E Electric Deadman Control:

  • Electric controls are recommended for hose lengths 150 feet or longer
  • Same comfort as the G2 pneumatic deadman
  • Military spec, high cycle rugged electric switch
  • Specially designed, 150-lbs pull test cord
  • Improved jacketing of the cord prevents fraying


  • Three #18 AWG conductors, made of 19-strand, high strength copper clad steel
  • Conductors are each separately insulated with a polypropylene jacket
  • Cables are jacketed with an additional layer of heavy duty, high abrasion-resistant, ether-based polyurethane
  • Outer jacket is pressure-extruded to fill gaps of the cable, avoiding inner cable abrasion and maximizing protection of the inner conductors
  • Optional sealed connectors drastically reduce the chance of loose abrasive entering the outlet terminal, offering even higher performance

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