Spartan Universal Blasting Station

Spartan Universal Blasting Station

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The Spartan Universal Blasting Station will save you time, money, and reduce potential worker injury. The Universal Blasting Station was designed by professional sandblasters for easy mobility, equipment organization and protection, and multi-brand and multi-pot size compatibility.

Save up to 25% on abrasive media costs

Using the UBS, you can eliminate heavy and expensive individual blast media bags by switching to bulk media.

This product was designed for the use of 5,000 pound/1.7 yard bulk super-sack media.

Save over $5000 per year on labor

A great benefit is you can load a super-sack of blast media with a forklift into the UBS bin and blast all day long. Save your back and thousands of dollars. No more running back and forth to reload. You can save about 350 hours of labor per year by switching to the Universal Blasting Station.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel exo-cage style frame
  • Heavy-duty steel hopper for media storage with $5,000 lbs capacity and easy release media valve
  • Electronic control mounting plate
  • Blast/Air hose racks that hold up to 100 feet per side
  • Fully blasted and powder coated black for protection and longevity
  • Can be used with any forklift
  • Tie-downs for transport between job sites

The Spartan Universal Blasting Station was designed professional mobile sandblasters for other pros to reduce operating costs and maximize efficiency and productivity for abrasive blasting operations. Spartan’s user-friendly system was built for sandblasting companies that use portable blasting pots for on-site and mobile off-site jobs.

The Story of the Universal Blasting Station

After many years of being a commercial sandblaster in Northern California, Sean Farley of Spartan Blasting Systems developed the Universal Blasting Station. Sean saw a huge need in the outdoor sandblasting market. This is why he developed the Universal Blasting Station to save your company time and money, while providing greater employee safety on the job site.

Construction of the UBS

The Universal Blasting Station consists of two main components, the skid which holds your blast pot, hoses, and breathing air; and the bin, which holds 1.7 cubic yards or up to 5,000 pounds of blasting media. On average, an employee will spend over an hour per day lifting 50 or 100-pound bags, filling the blast pot, and disposing of individual bags, costing you time and money and exposing your employee to back, shoulder, or other injuries.

Spartan Blasting Systems designed the UBS to be incredibly portable. Both the skid and the bin feature tie down locations to secure the unit on a trailer for easy movement from job site to job site. While you have many options, bolting your blasting equipment to the skid provides you with the most stable platform. As a result, this helps increase your efficiency and productivity by decreasing setup and cleanup time.

Saving You Time and Money on Outdoor Sandblasting Jobs

The Universal Blasting Station saves you time, saves you money, and reduces potential worker injury. Depending on the media used and the your market, you can save up to 25% on blast media by using bulk bags instead of individual bags.

The Universal Blasting Station features include a heavy duty steel exocage-style frame. Also, it features a heavy duty steel hopper for blast media storage that holds up to 1.7 cubic yards of media. Additionally, the UBS also comes with an easy release media valve, 3″ by 8″ fork pockets for easy forklift movement, hose brackets that hold up to 100 feet of blasting and breathing air hose, and a blasting helmet hook. Finally, the Universal Blasting Station is fully sandblasted with a double coat of gloss black powder coating.

Fully Compatible With Other Sandblasting Manufacturers

The Universal Blasting Station is fully compatible with all major manufacturers of sandblasting equipment, including Clemco, Schmidt, and Marco.

Imagine, with just your forklift, dumping a bulk sack of media into your bin, then lifting the bin onto the skid and being set up for blasting all day long.

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